We build websites.

We build websites on a solid development foundation with fully-optimized code and secured Virtual Private Server hosting.

We design sites that are modern and designed to look great,
but aren’t falling over the cutting edge of trends into artsy design for the sake of design.

We market your sites and your company through ongoing content development, link-building, and SEO.

Together, this is the trifecta of digital identity.

If your site was built by a company missing any one of these three areas of expertise,
then your online presence is insecure, out-of-date, and probably not working for you.

About J – Digital Identity and the Team

J – Digital Identity is a division of J – I.T. Outsource, a technology management firm serving small to medium businesses in Clovis, Fresno, and throughout California. We are a complete and powerful web design, website development, and SEO company, designed to build a great-looking site, make it secure, and get you found so you can do more business.

Meet Our President & CEO


J. has been helping people leverage technology to get the most out of the resources they have for all of his life. When he was seven years old he fixed a broken turntable so his Mom could listen to Fleetwood Mac. At twelve, he repaired a friend’s broken Atari 2600 so he could play Yar’s Revenge. Over the next 19 years, as “The Geeks™ Computer Service,” J. helped 17,000+ end users with their computer repair problems.

But J. saw that the bigger impact was going to be in B2B, helping businesses manage their complex networked environments. On August 5th, 2014, the company rebranded and J – I.T. Outsource was officially launched. His former consumer-oriented business with a pop-culture tone became an business-oriented service organization, with a team, and a brand that is serious, efficient, and sleek.

In April, 2015, J. purchased ARTCO (renamed as ARTCO by J) to expand his “J” brand and complete the full trifecta of technologies that every modern business needs: I.T. service, VoIP, and digital identity. Today, ARTCO by J. is now J – Digital Identity.

Max Sullivan

Chief Web Developer

Server Management, Programming, Security

Max has 16 years of experience in coding and web development. He’s a self-taught web guru and keeps current on all aspects of dynamic, interactive database driven web application technology. He has a degree in Electronic Technology which is useful for the time he spends managing, maintaining, and updating the server to keep our client sites secure.

He likes to develop web applications using open source tools such as PHP and MySQL, but also knows a bit of C++, C#, Visual Basic, and Java. He spends most of his time working with Javascript, CSS, HTML, and frameworks such as JQuery and Bootstrap. He also dabbles with Unity 3d, a development tool for creating games.

Max programs all the databases, structures, and custom interactive functions of client websites. He also optimizes the code for faster loading, monitors the security of our server and sites, and keeps the code up-to-date.

Darryl Dote

Chief Web Designer

Graphic Design, HTML, CSS

Darryl is an experienced graphic designer with 16 years of experience in web design as well as print media graphic design. He’s skilled in HTML, CSS and web design standards, so he knows how to design a website that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also works with the code.

He also has training in public relations, journalism, and marketing which is important in designing to meet the needs of a market, not just make things look randomly nice. He is a graduate of the Orange County School of the arts. Darryl also has certificates in design and fine arts from the Clovis Community College Center.

His artistic skills extend beyond the digital realm. He’s an accomplished piano player and has played with well-known artists including Chad Doreck, Scott Barnhardt, and Matthew Morrison of Glee fame.

The Origins of J – Digital Identity

In April of 2015, J. Colin Petersen, Founder, President, & CEO of J –  I.T. Outsource acquired ARTCO, previously known as A R Technologies Company Inc., from Rod Silver and renamed it ARTCO by J. Rod started ARTCO in Fresno, California in 1993 when the Internet and the World Wide Web was just beginning to allow commercial sites.

Rod and the team at ARTCO were early adopters, but always built websites that were designed from a business perspective, to meet the business and their clients’ needs. When J. acquired ARTCO, Rod moved to the beach to sip mai tais and enjoy semi-retirement.

The development and design team, Max and Darryl, joined J –  I.T. Outsource to continue building the legacy of great design and solid development, now with the added benefit of a dedicated marketer and the best technology and I.T. support environment any developer or designer could want.

Now, J. and his team are continuing to build on that legacy. A year later, in April 2016, it was time for ARTCO by J to become fully integrated as J Digital Identity to become part of the complete technology trifecta that is key to running a modern business:

If you’re ready to incorporate any one of these parts of the complete technology trilogy  into your small to medium business, reach out to us now and we’ll find out how you can leverage technology for your business.